by Eric Swain

Have you started to take notice on your social media site that were once full of text based posts now becoming ever so filled with visual media? Was this by accident? The answer is no, for many years visual media was only obtainable and displayed by the larger players in town that could afford to hire a dedicated marketing firm that offered these resources. In today’s topography you have to find and discover ways to not be in someone’s line of fire when taking photos or video. We have become an always connected, always sharing and always displaying world.

Why does this matter?

As our thirst for new and fresh content evolves so does our way in which we ingest it. Text alone no longer stimulates our senses the way it used to in the past. We need to see, feel and almost act as if we can touch and be immersed by it. I have seen firsthand what changes have been coming down the pipe in regards to newspaper publishing, almost to the point in which you both evolved and adapted or didn’t and got swallowed up, shuttering your doors.

What is visual art?

Visual art is context, it is taking your words and painting a picture that tells and visually displays a better mental picture through video and or photography. If you take a look at the landscape in design both on and offline you will notice that it is growing visually, you see larger imagery, video posts attached to blogs and stories, ads that are bright and beautiful with color and context and magazine style images in your local newspaper.

How does visual art enhance my brand?

We have all heard that phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words” well the truth is that the photographs, content and any other medium used helps tell your story in more of a completed way. You may know what your non-profit causes is fighting for, but by saying, “that if donations of the cost of a cup of coffee could help one single child eat for a day” helps get your message out. Now if we add in the visual element of that hungry child conveying the emotion of hunger, you have just painted a better picture that will serve to convey your message. Now this is just one of many examples of how visual art is changing the landscape of both message and brand awareness.

How can SwainBros enhance by brand through visual art?

Whether it’s advertising, brand marketing, social updates or web messaging, SwainBro’s will use the right tools for the job. We believe your visual media helps the context and storytelling when delivering your content to the right audience and no two platforms are the same. What you post in a print advertorial doesn’t always translate online and vice versa. Your social site can now take advantage of video and large scaled photos to help improve your message but scaling is needed with you talk about mobile environments with areas that don’t offer 4G service.

Visual media is an art that can help you strengthen your message and your brand, it is something that SwainBros has built their business model around. We see the growing thirst for visual media as consumers now have a device made to consume large amounts of data without a slow-down in site, moving forward getting your message out simply on text will be a thing of the past, the new future will be more immersive and multisourced.

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